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Your beautiful life together starts here...

Your ceremony is something unique to you and your partner. My role is to help you to create a ceremony that is perfect for you. Traditional, modern, creative, romantic,'s up to you!! 

Wedding Ceremony

I believe your wedding day should be exactly as you want it to be. I love working with couples to create something that is individual and suits the bride and groom.


I will effortlessly guide you through all of the legalities and the paperwork so you can focus on what really matters...walking down the aisle with the confidence that everything is under control so you can just relax, have fun and enjoy every second of this exciting experience!


I will make myself available to you and will share my knowledge and resources with you so that together we can create the ceremony and the vows that you have always dreamed of having. 

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

As you are already married, there is no legal implication relating to a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.


This ceremony is for married couples who wish to re-commit themselves to one another as they did on their wedding day. This is a beautiful way to celebrate your ongoing love, a milestone anniversary or to re-affirm your commitment and love for each other having gone through a particularly difficult time.


It is always a pleasure to work with couples whose love and commitment to each other has continued to grow and strengthen throughout their marriage.


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