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What is my role?

A Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrant is appointed by the Australian Government's Attorney-General's Department and is authorised to solemnise marriages anywhere in Australia in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961. It is important to note that Marriage Celebrants are required to undertake Ongoing Professional Development each year, ensuring that they remain highly trained and qualified.

In addition, I adhere to very strict laws and codes of practice, specifically the Marriage Act 1961, the Marriage Regulations 1963 and the Celebrants Code of Practice which govern all Civil Marriage Celebrants.


In today’s society, there is a growing need for alternatives to marriage governed by particular denominations. Civil Marriage Celebrants provide you with this professional option and can create a civil ceremony that is perfect for each individual couple.


Perhaps most importantly, a Civil Marriage Celebrant gives you the ability to create, design and customise the ceremony to be sure it caters for you as a couple. You can have the ceremony of your dreams because you are so heavily involved in the creative process. I can provide you with ideas and resources based on your desires for the day. Additionally, a Civil Marriage Celebrant will accommodate your choice of location for the marriage ceremony.


As your Civil Marriage Celebrant, I am able to create a range of beautiful wedding ceremonies from formal, informal and even themed ceremonies. If you would like to include some religious content such as the reading of a prayer by a family member or a ritual of some sort, I can also accommodate that wish.


Finally, as your Civil Marriage Celebrant, I will advise you on and handle all the legal requirements and documentation, whilst protecting your privacy in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1998.


Rest assured that any documents you provide to me for the purposes of completing the forms and their legal requirements will be returned to you. None of your personal information will be used for any purpose other than that which is explained to you.

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